• Injury lawyer needed
    Personal Injury

    Practice Overview: Personal Injury

    Pop quiz: how many ways are there that someone can wrong you, and an Arizona personal injury attorney (that’d be me) or a Washington accident lawyer (yup, still me) can help? You’re probably able to [...]
  • Bankruptcy

    Practice Overview: Bankruptcy

    If you’re looking for an Arizona bankruptcy attorney, or a Washington bankruptcy lawyer, you’ve found the right place.  I’m both of these, and I can help if you’re struggling. Problems Credit Card Debt: what a [...]
  • Hiring a good attorney
    Thoughts from Luke

    How to Find and Choose a Good Lawyer

    The Need Hi there, Luke here, with a few thoughts on how to find a lawyer who will do a good job on your case, without overcharging you, and who will be enjoyable to work [...]