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Chapter 7 & Chapter 13


If you’re looking for an Arizona bankruptcy attorney, or a Washington bankruptcy lawyer, you’ve found the right place.  I’m both of these, and I can help if you’re struggling.


Credit Card Debt: what a vicious spiral this one is!  Some people have made a good case that the credit card companies are actually preying on their cardholders.  I tend to agree.

Home Foreclosure: if you’re threatened with foreclosure, filing bankruptcy can get the lenders off your back so you have time to breathe and plan your way out of debt, without moving out of your home.  Many lenders even write down the amount you owe after you file for bankruptcy.

Medical Bills: even today, after “everybody’s covered”, supposedly, by health insurance, HUGE medical bills are a burden for many people.  You may no longer have to be one of those people.

Legal Judgments: if you’ve been sued by someone who was just trying to take advantage of you, bankruptcy might also help you finally see justice.

Income Taxes: the saying goes, “the only things certain in life are death and taxes.”  Neither is necessarily true.  On the subject of death, we can talk religion someday if you like.  Regarding taxes, if you’ve been in trouble with the IRS for some time now, let’s talk.  Bankruptcy can often even help with that.

Failed Businesses: most small businesses don’t make it very far.  When you have to close your doors, you usually still have a ton of creditors knocking on your door.  It’s best to pay them if you can.  If you can’t, pick up the phone.

Student Loans: if you’ve heard that it’s difficult to discharge student loans through bankruptcy, you heard correctly.  But it’s only “difficult”, not “impossible”.  If you’ve truly fallen upon hard times, let’s talk.  I went through 7+ years of university, and I get it.  I’m still paying mine.

Other Debts & Difficulties: bankruptcy isn’t just for those who are completely financially wiped out.  Various bankruptcy laws permit us to tailor solutions to different problems.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for example, is for people who are basically at the end of their rope.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy, however, can be a tool to help you get back on track if you’re merely overextended and need some breathing room.


Regardless of your situation, if you’d like to talk with a fat cat lawyer who sees dollar signs in his eyes when he sees you someone who really cares about helping people in need, and who will gladly take the time to listen to you and work with you to come up with solutions, whether or not they involve bankruptcy:

You’d better call Luke


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